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Payment Verification: How We Can Help!

Is your organization knee-deep in payments? In the past, many of our clients’ pay processing operations procedures were hectic. During peak periods of the fiscal quarter, a high volume of processing payments needed to be processed—quickly and accurately—without delay. Many organizations run into this problem. Teams become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of payments that need to be processed. Delays in processing end up becoming inevitable. Many organizations cannot afford this interruption.

Imagine having an additional resource for your remittance handling. A team that can take on your payment volume that can ensure same day deposit and processing*. Having the option of our team verifying and securing payments frees up your remittance staff for more important tasks within the organization like customer service issues or critical payments.


How Our Remote Verification Services Works:  RTLFiRST

Our Remote Verification Services (RVS) is a cost-saving alternative solution—powered by RTL’s lockbox division. The service is designed to assist with the verification function. RVS can be daily or for seasonal peak periods. Our operators have years of experience working with diverse payment operations. Their knowledge and experience of the RTLFiRST platform allow for a seamless transition of verification operations. Operators can handle anything from simple to complex payment operations and can easily accommodate your unique company processing rules.

You can rely on our team to handle your overflow and daily payment verification quick and easy!

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable verification staff familiar and experienced with the verification process in RTLFiRST. Since our lockbox division uses the same RTLFiRST platform, this allows us to easily assist you with your data processing needs. Our verification specialists is also tested to understand and comply with your specific data capture requirements. Our clients gain advantages just by being able to access a team with expertise in remittance.

Your team would operate as usual—receive, open, and scan mail. Then, we step in to validate and verify your payments. This reduces the attention your staff devotes on standard misreads or minor scan-read errors. As we verify, we will flag unique payments that your staff needs to review (high level/critical payment’s requiring supervisor review).

Our RVS services act as a mere extension of an expansive offering enabling you to create a unique payment handling operation that fits your needs. The team assigned to your organization is a group of professionals that undergo extensive training specific to your operation and processing rules. They will ensure handling is accurate and inclusive of your payment policies.

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*Same Day Deposit/Processing availability will vary from organization contingent on a variety of factors including volume, client cut deposit deadline times, etc

General RVS Flow