Why RTL Needs to SEE You…

In today’s generation where Internet telecommunication is so mainstream, we find most of the client interactions are carried out via phone or e-mail. In addition, there are also many web communication tools already available, which makes it easier to reach out to clients on different geographical areas, such as WebEx, Skype, etc. While these modern methods of interaction are helpful and more cost-effective, we believe that the traditional face-to-face meetings are extremely valuable when it comes to building stronger and more meaningful client relationships. We try to achieve this by visiting our clients onsite or holding user group meetings in strategically selected locations throughout the U.S.

We strongly believe that these onsite visits and RTL user group meetings (UGM) are instrumental in:

  •  Improving communication
  •  Understanding the clients’ needs
  •  Listening to the clients’ concerns and inputs
  • Identifying areas of the products and services that require improvement
  •  Generating new ideas
  •  Giving clients the opportunity to interact with other clients and learn from each other on processes and methodologies in their payment operations

With the exception of any travel and hotel costs, the RTL user group meetings are at NO charge to our users and fully sponsored by RTL. For this year, we have 2 RTL user group meetings already lined up for the Texas Tax Collectors and Florida Tax Collectors users in April and May respectively. We are still finalizing our schedule for the rest of 2015, so check back on our site for details on future UGM and tradeshow events.  For clients who are unable to attend the user group meetings or whose offices are far from UGM locations, we will be more than happy to plan for an onsite visit by one of our Account Executives.

For information on the TX Tax Collectors UGM, contact us at 626-838-5000. We look forward to the invaluable experience of meeting with you all.