Total Payment Processing Solutions

Providing Scalable Automated Image-Based Remittance Solutions for various industries across the US and Canada.


RT Lawrence Corporation provides scalable image based remittance processing software solutions for companies across a wide range of industries including government, non-profit, utility, banking, insurance agencies and more.

Our flagship RTLFiRST Remittance processing solution was designed to work with agencies and companies who process as much little as 200 payments a day to 60,000+ payments daily. Our image based solution incorporates industry renowned check imaging transports from Opex, Canon, NCR, Burroughs and etc., which seamlessly works with our software platform. 

Together, the hardware/software combination create an automated, technology driven payment handling system that incorporates the latest in imaging recognition technology (CAR/LAR, Barcode, OMR, etc. read capability) that can automate the handling of check payments (personal, business, electronic), list payments, invoice payments, love letters, envelopes, etc. while incorporating YOUR corporate processing policies to create a unique processing environment. 

Our Remittance Solution:

  • Scalable to any environment
  • Late Payment/Installment Handing
  • Incorporate YOUR special processing business rules
  • Over/Short Policy, Penalty Calculations, Stop Payment Policy, etc.
  • Check 21 Ready
  • Process List Payments with Ease
  • One-Touch Processing Capable (on select HW transport platforms)
  • Mobile/Remote Office Solutions
  • Optimize Operator Labor

Contact us today to find out how an automated processing solution can improve your operations and how our platform’s unique features and processing flow has allowed our customers to reduce overhead, optimize staff resources and speed up the collection process.

Payment Processing Flow: Visit our sample payment diagram to view how payments are generally funneled through an automated system through our remittance system. 

Click here to see a sample payment processing flow diagram

Click here to view our Remittance Processing Solution flyer

For our industry based solutions, click here for more specific information on how we’ve provided specific solutions incorporating industry policies and practices in payment handling.