Special Processing Rules

Do you need a ‘custom’ solution?

Every organization has their own processing policies that dictate how they handle their remittances to determine the flow of their payment handling process. Specifically, each industry has specific policies that may affect how payments are handled. Policies determine whether you can accept them, reject them, flag them, etc.

Examples of Special Processing Rules:

Late Payment Handling (Grace Periods)

  • Accept Late Payments BUT add a Late Payment Fee
  • Accept payments that are NO MORE than 2 Days Past Due Date

Money Order/Cashier’s Payments Only

  • Flag Payments from Customers who you Do Not Accept Personal Checks
  • Hotfile List of Mandatory Money Order/Cashier Payment Customers

Over/Short Handling

  • Accept Payments that are $.50 Cents Under Their Balance Due
  • Refund Payments over $20.00 of Their Balance Due

Special Hotfile

  • If a payment is found on the Hotfile→Reject Payment

Address Change

  • Address Change Box is Filled
    • Payment Must be Routed and Flagged for Special Handling/Hold

Examples of Industry-Specific Special Processing Rules:

Utility Industry

  • Shut-Off List
  • Organize Customers on a “Shut-Off” List

State Government

  • Penalty and Installment Payments
  • Late Payments, Penalty calculations, Installment Payment Handling (i.e.: Property Tax)

Insurance Industry

  • Cancelled Policy
  • Flagging and/or Rejecting Payments that have been Canceled. (Reject or Re-Instate)

These are just some examples of special processing rules that affect how you handle and process your remittance payments.  Handling clean payments are typically straightforward. However, exception-payments—rules driven by your organizations processing rules—will dictate the effectiveness of your operation.

One question to ask yourself when handling these payments affected by your special processing rules is: How Dynamic are these rules?

Are your processing rules constantly changing, or are they standard and consistent (over & short policies, penalty policies, etc.)?

Consistent Processing Rules:

Organizations that have consistent standard policies are easily integrated into the right platform. Our system can integrate your organization’s rules without the added expenses you might find elsewhere.

Dynamic Processing Rules:

This is where remittance operations can get complex. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We have customers with very complex environments with multiple departments and policies. These customer’s processing rules are constantly changing. For example, a non-profit running 40 different concurrent campaigns for the year will have dynamic processing rules. Each campaign has different coupons—stubs with or without scanlines or coupons requiring a response from your staff in the form of a gift or order fulfillment.

Imagine setting up all your payment processing rules for the year’s campaign and knowing in your forecast your campaigns and efforts will change next year.  Imagine the complexity of having to set up your system to be able to handle this dynamic environment. With a “custom” system in place, maintaining your processing operation changes will be costly. Each campaign will need to be re-customized.

What Kind of Solutions Best Support You?

Regardless of policies, your platform should accommodate any environment without customization. We’ve seen it with many of our customers running on different platforms. Their processing rules were “customized” for their operation. A customized system may provide the perception that you have a solution, unique to YOUR environment, however, imagine the time it may take to create this “custom” environment. Clients have shared with us that on previous platforms, they waited weeks, sometimes months to incorporate processing policy changes. Some clients even waited again for special reports. On top of waiting, customers often stated this process was expensive.

Alternatively, a “boxed” solution can also be limiting, as you must work within the confines of its features. Using “cookie-cutter” software applications that weren’t designed for your organization’s specific needs may inhibit your workflow. Fitting the limitations of software solutions without the capabilities you need is difficult and time-consuming. You will want software that fits your needs, not the other way around.

Consider RTL’s Solution

Ideally, a “pseudo-customizable” solution is the best approach in a productive environment. Our system incorporates your processing rules—optimizes workflow using state-of-the-art transports on a software platform—creating a “semi-customized” solution, without the expenses of a custom solution.

Our Payment Processing Solution was designed to eliminate the costs of a high-cost “customized” solution. The design process allows you to create a pseudo-custom environment. This allows for easy incorporation of your business processing rules. Parameter driven selection and pull-down menu options enable easy integration of special processing rules. Clients with the right amount of training can set up processing rules on their own without the assistance of their service provider.  A large percent of our clients set up their operations and processing rules on their own with NO support from us (although we are always here to help!)

Our software is intuitive—with a sleek “pull-down” menu, where you can select your solutions on an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

System Capabilities:

  • Setting up Different Thresholds for Your Payments (over/short),
  • Setting up “Hot-Files” at Your Leisure
  • Integration of Late Payment Handling Rules for any Remittance Environment
  • Parameter Driven/Pull-Down Menu Platform Allows Your Staff to Manage Your Policies and Incorporate Rules Simply

The Bottom Line

The RTLFiRST platform was designed to allow you to handle complex processing environments without the high-cost of a customized solution.  Control should be in YOUR hands. Consider the benefits of having a solution that allows you to make dynamic changes to short-run or long-term payment handling policies—creating a unique “adaptive” payment environment.

Contact us to find out how we can handle YOUR unique processing rules without any custom-costs, today!

Click here for more information on our main Payment Processing Solution.

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