Remittance Solutions

Remittance Solutions Processing is also often called B2B In-house Remittance Processing solution – an expertise of RT Lawrence Corp. Our flagship solution RLTFiRST utilizes the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology. Our solution will streamline your payment processing operation by drastically reducing your mailroom labor, reducing your operator data entry staff while accelerating the collection and processing of your funds.

Our system will:

  • Image capture checks/stubs/full size docs, etc.
  • Recognition technology and system capabilities will “process” imaged payments
  • Update your billing system with ease and streamline deposit practices
  • Process payments easily for InsuranceNon-ProfitUtilityGovernment, Property Management companies and more
  • Optimize your remittance processing operation and process
  • Work with any environment and size, a total scalable remittance processing system

Utilizing the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology, RTLFiRST, will streamline your payment processing operation by:

  • reducing your mailroom labor
  • reducing your data entry staff
  • accelerating the collection and processing of your funds


RTLFiRST may be configured to work with many leading brands of scanners including Opex, Burroughs, Canon and NCR. As an image-based payment processing application, it offers you an easy to learn interface, no programming option, to best utilize the hardware to its fullest potential.

RTLFiRST can process any combination of payments as well as facilitate payments with missing stubs or checks. The system comes with standard hotfiles or a special rules configuration and document inquiry.

Technology Driven Check Handling Processing Solutions

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) has a tried and tested “scalable” check processing solution that has been helping companies across a wide variety of agencies for over 20+ years. RTLFiRST incorporates the latest imaging recognition technology paired with a variety of check transports available on the market such as Opex, Canon, NCR, Burroughs and more.

Whether your agencies processes 200 checks a day or 10,000 checks per day, our remittance solution will streamline your handling process by scanning, imaging and validating your check payments and update your billing system with ease.

Check Handling Process Overview*:

  • Your operators will place your check payments in the scanner
  • Images will be created and processed by the RTLFiRST system
  • Your operators will validate payments that could be missing information or need higher level analysis
  • The system will prepare files necessary for deposit and updates to your host billing system

If you have payments sourced from other channels outside of mailed in payments, our system can unify those payments with ease. Many companies like you are enjoying the benefits of our check handling remittance solution throughout the US and Canada across many industries.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you. Our experts are passionate about payment processing and will walk you through our Check Processing solution.

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Added Benefits with our Check Processing Solution

Quicker Access to funds:  Our solution is Check 21 ready!  Take advantage of the benefits of electronic deposit by eliminating/reducing bank trips by electronically depositing checks, Click Here .

Outsource Services:  Are you looking for an agency to process payments on your behalf?  We have a full service Lockbox Operation at our corporate office, for more information, Click Here.

*The Process Overview is just a sample depiction of the check handling process and can vary from organization to organization.

Supported Hardware

RTLFiRST may be configured to work with many leading brands of scanners including NCR, Opex, Canon, Burroughs, Magtek and Panini.

  • Opex Falcon Red
  • Opex AS 7200i
  • Opex AS180
  • Opex FalconV Red
  • Opex Model 60/72

  • Canon CR 190ii
  • Canon CR 190i
  • Canon CR 180

  • NCR iTRAN 180/300
  • NCR iTRAN 600
  • NCR iTRAN 8000

  • Quantum 200

  • Quantum 300

  • Quantum 600

  • Quantum DS

  • Smart Source Adaptive

  • Excella
  • Excella STX

  • VisionX