Online Payment Processing Service

Managing E-Payments 

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) provides a variety of e-payment solutions that add flexibility and tools for your business to better handle and manage mailed in, phone, web, and even branch office payments.  Our solutions were designed to enhance your organizations payment handling operating process.

Expand Payment Options for Your Customers

RT Lawrence’s (RTL) electronic payment solutions allow you and your customers to accomplish much more. In addition to our main remittance processing solution, expand your operation to incorporate the variety of benefits from electronic payment processing handling.

Need to set up an IVR system to handle your phone in payments? Want to reduce collection float and deposit your payments electronically?  We can help expedite the process for you and improve your overall payment handling process.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you. Our experts are passionate about payment processing and will walk you through our e-payment solutions.

Managing Electronic Deposits – Check 21

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) provides a variety of e-payment solutions including options for “electronic deposit”.  In October 2004, the Federal Government issued the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act.  This issuance was “designed to enable banks to handle more checks electronically, which should make check processing faster and more efficient” according to the FDIC.  Organizations now have a variety of deposit options whether it be Check 21, ACH or Traditional banking deposits.

Quicker Access to funds, reduction of float

Check 21 is built into our Remittance Processing solution, it is Check21 ready! Customers processing their payments through our solutions incorporate the latest recognition technology to ensure payments are validated and meet your specific banking institutions Check 21 clearing requirements.

Incorporating Check 21 deposit into your operation will allow your organization:

  • Quicker Access to Funds
  • Incorporate a more efficient process while reducing and/or eliminating transportation costs
  • Access to payment details FASTER (NSF’s, closed bank accounts, etc.)
  • Elimination of transit times between banking institutions

Our Check 21 Solution can allow you to accept/deposit check payments from your main corporate office, remote offices, mobile devices and more.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you. Our experts are passionate about payment processing and will walk you through our Check 21 solution.

For more details on the Check 21 Clearing Act, click here for information from the FDIC.

Improve Efficiencies with Automated Clearing House

Automated Clearing House or ACH is a process that electronically transmits the result of your payment processing operation directly to the Federal Reserve and payments are credited to your bank accounts by 8:30AM Eastern Time the next day. This eliminates working directly with your bank and improves process flow.

ACH Services

Your different payment types (mailed-in, front counter, web, etc.) will be unified into one safe and secure electronic delivery. In addition, you will receive “full circle” reporting and presentment of Federal Reserve payment status and transaction details.

By utilizing RT Lawrence’s RTLFiRST image-based payment processing system, you have the ability to convert paper checks into e-payments and transmit to the Federal Reserve. This remittance processing solution performs the “check conversion” function with check payments originated from mailed-in remittances or from your front counter cashiering stations. These payments are captured as images and submitted into the centralized ACH database for processing.

ACH modules offer:

  • Full Circle Reporting
  • Automated ACH Block
  • Built-in ACH-Block Database
  • Recognition Technology
  • NSF Representment Options
  • Money Order Opt-Out Routing
  • Configurable Hotfile

Regardless of ACH payments type, data is immediately entered into our RTLFiRST system. You have the ability to manage:

  1. ACH-POP (Point of Purchase) walk-in payments
  2. ACH-ARC mailed in payments
  3. ACH-Web payments that are received through the internet
  4. ACH-TEL payments that can be collected via interactive voice response (IVR) system or by a customer service representative
  5. ACH-PPD pre-arranged payments such as an auto-pay program

For payments that are accepted via the Web, ACH-Web, you do not have to redirect your Internet customers to a third-party payment data collection screen. This gives you more control and provides maximum marketing value.

While RTL does not offer interactive voice response (IVR) systems for ACH-TEL, we offer an API interface designed specifically for IVR systems. This enables us to take the captured payment data for processing by our ATMS network.

Save on Bank Fees

RTL is an ACH Processor with a uniquely integrated technology and relationship with our ODFI Bank. Without the need for a middleman,  we are able to offer significantly lower ACH charges than any other payment solution provider without compromising our customer service and feature offering.

To learn more, contact us today!

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