Technology Driven Check Handling Processing Solutions

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) has a tried and tested “scalable” check processing solution that has been helping companies across a wide variety of agencies for over 20+ years. RTLFiRST incorporates the latest imaging recognition technology paired with a variety of check transports available on the market such as Opex, Canon, NCR, Burroughs and more.

Whether your agencies processes 200 checks a day or 10,000 checks per day, our remittance solution will streamline your handling process by scanning, imaging and validating your check payments and update your billing system with ease.

Check Handling Process Overview:

  • Your operators will place your check payments in the scanner
  • Images will be created and processed by the RTLFiRST system
  • Your operators will validate payments that could be missing information or need higher level analysis
  • The system will prepare files necessary for deposit and updates to your host billing system

If you have payments sourced from other channels outside of mailed in payments, our system can unify those payments with ease. Many companies like you are enjoying the benefits of our check handling remittance solution throughout the US and Canada across many industries.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you. Our experts are passionate about payment processing and will walk you through our Check Processing solution.