Check 21
What is Check 21? It is a federal law issued in 2004 that allowed banks to handle more checks electronically. Deposits can now be made with digital images contrary to physical checks.


Check 21 clearing utilizes digital check images to facilitate the clearing of checks which translate to accelerated check clearing times and efficiency. A traditional bank deposit would require organizations to physically deposit prepped checks (encoded) alongside a deposit slip that would be physically brought to the bank. This method would result in days for checks to be cleared and increased collection float.


The Check 21 clearing process allowed certain checks to be deposited via secure electronic file submission to their banks to electronically clear and process.


RTLFiRST is Check 21 ready and was designed to easily allow clients to incorporate into their payment handling process the electronic clearing of files through the Check 21 Act. Our total payment processing solution incorporates state of the art image capture transports which is required in Check 21. Paired with our RTLFiRST software platform, this combination creates a unified Check 21 payment processing solution that qualifies your images, payments and creates the necessary file to transmit for your financial institution.

Our system/organization has worked with all major financial institutions for our customers to ensure that their electronic submissions meet all banking institutions requirements for clearing. In addition, our system return handling system allows simplified management of any bank return files (closed accounts, NSF’s, etc.).

Incorporating Check 21 deposit into your operation will allow your organization:

  • Quicker Access to Funds
  • Incorporate a more efficient process
  • Reduce or eliminate transportation costs (bank runs)
  • Elimination of transit times between banking institutions
  • Extended processing times * (can vary based on organization/bank cut off times)


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