Payment Processing Solutions

RTLFiRST Solution

Our flagship solution and automating the handling of check payments for clients for over 20+ years.

Special Processing Rules

Incorporate your organizations processing polices and rules easily without complex programming.

outsource lockbox - solutions overview
Lockbox Processing

Payment handling service capable of handling any payment type inclusive of your processing rules.

Online Payment Processing
Check 21 Deposits

E-Deposits accelerate the deposits of funds and paired with a management tool to handle returns with ease.

remittance processing
Check Only Processing

Better handling of check only payments with payor validation tools so as to improve accuracy and processing.

Solutions Overview
Full Size Doc. Handling

Improve the handling of full size documents, list payments etc. with the use of character read technology.

Technology Budget
Industry Solutions

Solutions incorporating years of best industry learned practices to optimize workflow

Solutions Overview
Dedicated Support

A dedicated assigned team to ensure customer satisfaction and experienced support.

RT Lawrence Corporation offers a variety of payment processing solutions and processing services designed to incorporate the latest in processing technology while incorporating industry best practices to streamline the handling of payments sourced via the mail, web, telephone, etc.

Our premier payment processing solution, RTLFiRST automates the handling of payments received via mail. By utilizing the latest in image recognition technology paired with the most cutting edge image scanners, RTL offers the most impactful, labor optimizing solution. The RTLFiRST Payment Processing Solution captures and processes key information from the check/stub and “processes’ the payment to minimize human handling, limit or omit human interaction which translates to expedited payment handling to minimize deposit delays and collection float.

Our payment processing solution has a variety of extended added features that allow our client partners to fully optimize and simplify handling of their payments.

Special Handling Rules: Every organization is unique and their processing policies are specific to each payment processing department. The system has the ability to easily set up processing rules without any customization which allows for a quick execution of any processing policies.

Check Only Processing: Our solution has the ability to handle check only payments with ease. What traditionally was a headache to handle that require operators to pull checks, validate against billing systems, rescan, etc. has become a standard processing ability of our system. Our learning solution will over time remember each check only payer to simplify payment handling.

Full Size Payment Handling: Our solution has the ability to handle list payments, our innovative technology has the ability to identify each line item, sort out each character and present it to your operators to simplify the handling and reconciliation of these payments.

These are just a few features of our payment processing solution. We offer a variety of features designed to accelerate and minimize operator intervention while improving accuracy.

Our payment processing services is designed for companies who prefer to not handle and process their payments in-house. Organizations elect to outsource their payment processing process to outsiders for a variety of reasons: eliminate overhead, minimize labor, payment volume is low, or simply do not want the daily headaches that can accompany payment handling. Our payment processing services utilize our very own payment handling solution, RTLFIRST. Unlocking key features unlike many other processing service providers. Our payment processing service allows for secure online visibility to their account and extends visibility and decision making ability. Our client partners have the ability to make decisions online to accept, reject, and hold payments with ease. Our ability to handle ALL payment types including, list payments, white paper, love letters, money orders/cashier’s checks, etc. minimizes the need for mail back payments should you elect us to handle what many consider exception payments.

We’ve been automating, improving, and optimizing payment processing departments across a variety of industries over 25 years throughout the US and Canada. We continue to strive to stay on top of payment trends to ensure our client partners are well equipped to handle changes in their environments easily today and beyond.