Check Payment Processing Solutions

Automate the handling of your mailed in remittances with RTFiRST Payment Processing solution.

Utilize imaging recognition technology to accelerate the handling and processing of…

  • Check/Stub Payments
  • List Payments
  • Check Only Payments
  • Wholesale Payments
  • E-Checks Payments

And more…

Scalable and Adaptable

Our payment solution works with a variety of transports including OPEX, NCR, Burroughs, Canon and more. Our scalable payment solution can provide support to companies or agencies that process 200-10,000 payments per day. We accelerate the handling of your payments, while incorporating YOUR business special processing rules that are unique to your organization.

RTLFiRST, will streamline your payment processing operation by:

  • Seamless integration with your existing billing system
  • Send payments to the bank using Check 21. (Accelerated Deposits)
  • Real-time lookup capability to billing system to validate payment amount, customer info, etc.
  • Incorporate special processing rules for late post-marked payments
  • Process exception payments with ease
  • Optimize mailroom labor
  • Minimize human-error
  • Mobile/Remote processing capabilities
  • See images of the stub and checks forever.

RTL has been providing payment remittance solutions for over 25+ years to Non-Profits, Government, Utility, Insurance industry for years. Our solutions have processed millions of payments throughout the US and Canada

For more information on how RTLFiRST can optimize your payment processing operation, contact us today

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