We offer a variety of TOTAL Payment processing solutions that integrates the best hardware platforms on the market today with innovative payment processing technology that streamlines and improves any environment.

A few of the NCR Scanners we offer:

NCR Corporation is one of the first companies to market to provide robust, automated check payment scanners. Today, they continue to be a leading provider of payment based solutions for retail and corporate organizations whether it be an ATM machine, desktop scanner or back office processing transport.

RTLFiRST, RT Lawrence’s flagship remittance payment processing solution utilizes imaging recognition technology to read/process check/stub images scanned through the NCR transports to automate the payment handling process while providing end users a user friendly interface while incorporating handling policies exclusive to your organization.

The NCR Check Scanners + RTLFiRST can:

  • Process & readcheck/stub payments quickly
  • Scan payments in MIXED batch mode
  • Validate Real Time payments
  • Accommodate Check 21 Ready (Electronic Deposit)
  • Reduce/Eliminate Manual Payment Handling
  • Incorporate YOUR special processing rules

Find out more information how the NCR scanner has improved payment handling for companies like yours, today!  Contact us for a free system assessment or demo.

For more information from the manufacturer, please visit : www.ncr.com