RTLFiRST 8.0 – Locked and Loaded!

RT Lawrence is pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded some customers to our latest software version – RTLFiRST 8.0. Keeping abreast with the latest trends in software technology and development, RTLFiRST 8.0 is designed on the VB.Net platform. Taking into account our clients’ suggestions, feature requests and many years of experience in the remittance processing industry, RTLFiRST 8.0 will enable its users to get to see:

  • Better processing functions
  • Improved check verification flow
  • New batch verification features
  • Specialist and exception verification routing
  • Better field organization
  • Improved business process rules
  • Smarter screen setup and configurable interface for the RTLFiRST related modules
  • Improved security
  • Archiving flexibility
  • Structural changes

The innovations that RTL incorporated encompass each payment processing stage in terms of overall design, user interface and configurability. In the initial stage of scanning, the grayscale feature will be made available on certain scanner types that can scan grayscale images. At the point of processing, we’ve included among others Check Digit Validation, Form OCR, A2iA Over the Network, Hot Items Lookup, Field Substitution, enhanced special/business processing rules and Random QA which gives the clients an option to conduct internal quality assurance by allowing them to review certain transactions in a batch. In addition, the client may opt to have Real Time Lookup and Intelligent List Processing (ILP) with SmartSearch for auto-reading, returning values and auto-creation of a virtual stub for each record on a list of payments. With SmartSearch, ILP may now recognize list fields and perform a lookup based on those values. Within the verification stage are additional fields, more flexible field setup, MICR driven verification, foreign currency conversion, check-based business rules & field substitution, configurable stub field display & order and better document validation.

Existing features have also been enhanced such as the integration of the Report Writer into RTLFiRST so users can easily share created reports through the save-import function and have full control on the report template allowing them to edit, add or remove fields. Archiving has become even more flexible with the option for users to store grayscale images in FiRSTView and an all-in-one interface for manual archiving and the archive scheduler. FiRSTView has also been upgraded with new search types, search templates and configurable search fields.

Having been structurally designed as a thin client application to optimize file security, upgrades may be carried out more efficiently. Settings and configurations are also saved in the centralized server making the rollout to different stations easier. Prior to an 8.0 upgrade, RTL recommends a System Re-engineering process by one of our Solutions Engineers to evaluate and identify possible configuration changes or any required features to add. To know more about RTLFiRST 8.0 or to schedule a demo, please contact your designated Account Manager or e-mail sales@rtlawrence.com.

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