RTL Helpdesk Online

In order to provide better customer support and to respond efficiently in real-time wherever a customer reaches out to us. RTLHelpdesk online was born and has been continuously being improved with inputs and suggestions from our very own clients.

RTL HelpDesk Login

It is very easy to use and uncomplicated. It allows clients exclusive access to report any issues or problems encountered that requires immediate support and assistance. It also serves as a backup in the event that phone and email is not available.


  • Set “Urgency” of reported problem
  • Short Summary and Description of the problem
  • Uploads Files or Attached Files (Screenshot of Errors, etc.)
  • Leave call back number and email address
  • Keep track of “Status”
  • Live Chat with one of RTL technical support

RTL HD Login Screen 2

We encourage everyone to please visit the site RTLHelpdesk.com and if you require access credentials, please email helpdesk@rtlawrence.com.