RTL Feature Friday: RTL continuing Covid 19 Assistance & Operations Support

RTL has been proactively evolving to help our customers process payments and we continue
that effort. IF WE CAN HELP IN ANY WAY, please let us know. The following are some options
that we have implemented for different customers. If you need something else, PLEASE ASK!
But First, we want to assure you that RTL IS OPEN and ready to help. California has issued
direction that only “essential businesses” can operate. We have been in touch with our Legal
Department and they have determined that RTL is an “essential business” by its definition – we
collect payments for MANY government and utilities. Therefore, RTL, including Lockbox is
open, because we are “essential business”.
Here are some options available – but suggest something else that you need but do not see

1. Weekend Support
Some customers have had to extend hours due to demand and reduced staff. RTL has
implemented an OPTION that customers can receive support on weekends.

2. Backup in a Box
RTL has the ability to provide you a small scanner and install your Remittance System on a
laptop. Your employees can take scanner and work from home, remote office, or
anywhere. This is a fairly simple setup when RTL provides scanner and software, you provide
computer and secured internet connections. We recently just setup one customer in just a
couple of days. We think that this approach would be ideal if you want to keep your processing
“in-house” but just need to “take it offsite”. The Pro of this approach is: you are keeping all
processing inhouse, this “backup in a box” can be used for future needs. The Con of this
approach is: If your processing volume is high, this approach may not keep up with your volume
or you may need multiple scanners for multiple people. And you need your IT’s involvement to
establish acceptable internet connections.

3. Remote Verification
You scan at your office, or using the “backup in a box”, and RTL’s team will remotely verify
payments. We can also do all the end of the day work like Check21, file upload, and balancing.
You are not required to use our service for the long term, just during this “difficult” period. No
strings attached. This approach is good if you are not completely shut down but running a
“minimal staff” and need some extra resources.

4. California, Lockbox Service
RTL has a well-established lockbox (payment processing service) operation in Whittier, CA and
this week we have setup three separate teams to work in separate, isolated facilities from each
other to process payments. Should anyone in one of our facilities get sick, the other two teams
would not be contaminated and should still be good to continue. You would mail, or forward,
your payments to RTL and we would scan/process/deposit/upload everything for you. Last
week, three of our customers have already activated this service with us. Again, you are not
required to use our service for the long term, just during this “difficult” period. No strings
attached. This approach is good if you are completely shut down and don’t have the time and
resource to setup “backup in a box” at your staff’s home or remote office. Or, if you don’t want
to buy the “backup in a box”.

All of these options are available for quick setup. One caveat, RTL is not an enormous
company, we have limited resources. If ALL customers selected option 4 we could NOT handle.
Another user-beware is that, although we are categorized as an “Essential Business” which is
currently exempt from shelter-in-place requirements, but if the Government requires us to be
shut down, then we cannot help.

For options 3 and 4 we are waiving setup fees and for all, we are charging standard “best”
prices. We can provide evidence of pricing being same as the normal time upon request. We
are NOT doing this to take advantage of the situation. We are only trying to help.
We do not require elaborate contractual agreements; only whatever your company requires.
We will provide “near-cost” pricing and we can even operate on a hand-shake, or an ElbowBump, agreement. Once again, we do not require long term commitments. This is only to help
during this crisis period.
We have added TWO additional temporary facilities to ensure business continuity. In case one
of our staff test positive, only a portion of the staff in his/her team/facility would be required to
be quarantined; Other independent teams would not be impacted.
– We have moved half of the Whittier office staff into a completely separate office (not
through the same office front door, not same AC system). The two teams do not meet
each other physically and all works are done through no physical contact delivery.
– Any job function that can be done remotely is being done via work from home. All
verification staff is working from home.
In addition to that we are carrying out the following procedures:
– Extensive and Frequent cleaning of equipment.
– Each person maintain 6 feet distance from each other at ALL times.
– Regular Personal hand washing, facemasks and gloves.
– We monitor our Staff for symptoms. If anyone feels sick they will immediately stop
coming to work (paid sick leave) and self-isolate. They would be tested for Covid-19 per
CDC guidelines.
– Should the staff test positive, only the rest of the people on that particular isolated team
would also be placed paid leave for 14 days and return to work if no symptoms.

Please contact us to find out more!!!

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