Do you need a ‘custom’ solution?

Resources. Every organisation has their own processing policies that dictate how they handle their remittances to determine the flow of their payment handling process.

Remittance Processing System

Is Your Remittance Process As Agile As Your Business Needs to Be?

Resources. Not all payment processing policies are created equal. Each company has a specific set of needs and functions that require its accounts receivable departments to work with.

Desktop Check Scanner

Can a Desktop Check Scanner Make the Grade?

The industry is changing, check volume is decreasing and the types of payments companies are receiving are changing.

Check Image Quality

How Important is Check Image Quality?

It depends who you’re asking, but in the Remittance Processing world it plays a critical role in the optimization of your overall processing operation.

Outsource Payment Processing

Deciding to Outsource Your Payment Processing?

Outsourcing may be a viable option for some agencies that need support in operational efficacy. Having a third-party provider handle your remittance can increase your bottom line.

Quantum DS Scanner

What is the Quantum DS Scanner?

If you are processing approximately 2000-3000 payments per day, the Burroughs Quantum DS scanner may be a transport worth exploring.