Refund/Reject Letter Generation Module (ReGen)

Does your company…..
–          receive payments that get rejected and issue refunds to customers?
–          send letters to inform clients about their rejected payments and the reason(s) for rejection?

RTL has a solution for you….
Refund/Reject Letter Generation or ReGen Module is an RTLFIRST application used to create letters to send to clients regarding refunds and rejected payments.

Features and benefits of ReGen Module….
·         Generates letters to inform clients of their rejected payment and the reason for rejection.
·         Letters are generated in Word format, using templates that have Macro fields.
·         Provides option to include within the letter the actual stub/check image(s) or both depending on the configuration.
·         The letter will contain “variables” that will be auto-populated from the RTLFiRST data fields such as, but not limited to NAME, ADDRESS, ACCOUNT NUMBER, etc. No need to look one by one for the physical image of the check.

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