Do you..
want to make it easy in searching accounts for checks only payments?
want to eliminate significant amount of time and errors in looking for the right payer?
want to reduce headaches in launching multiple applications to post payment?
RTL has the solution…
-The developers behind RTLFiRST have extended the features and capabilities within the already robust software by introducing our REAL-TIME Lookup optional module. This integration tool gives users a practical and easy approach to search for up-to-the-minute information in their main Customer Management System (CMS), from within the RTLFiRST software.
Imagine having the ability to automatically validate the account, get up-to-the-minute “true” due amount, and other important account information (e.g., payment status, special handling instructions or any “do not collect” instructions), as you process your payments in your RTL’s back-end or front office application. This will drastically minimize your need to process refund checks at a later time. Another major labor-saving benefit comes from the handling of payments without a standardized remittance coupon. In those situations, you don’t have to sort out, for manual processing, those checks that came in without a remittance coupon. With real-time lookup module added into the RTLFiRST system, users can search for the right account for these checks using payer name and address combination from the main Customer Management system (CMS) from within RTLFiRST’s Verification Screen. This will eliminate significant amount of manual handling and also significant amount of errors.
Basic 2-Command Real-Time Lookup Feature:
Search by FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS (Wildcard Search)

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