Quantum DS Scanner

If you are processing approximately 2000-3000 payments per day, the Burroughs Quantum DS scanner may be a transport worth exploring.

The Quantum DS Scanner is a high-performance desktop unit. NCR and Burroughs (formerly Unisys), who are  industry leaders in creating low-high speed check scanning transports are scaling back or eliminating check transports from their production line leaving a few but viable options to consider for your remittance operation. If you’re environment calls for a unit that can still accommodate mid-volume remittances  to process your check/stub payments at a reasonable price point, the Burroughs Quantum DS scanner touts all the major components. It includes a high quality image camera, large capacity auto-feeder,  MICR/OCR readers, and multiple pockets (8-12 pockets). You have some of the features of the old NCR iTran models or Burroughs/Unisys NDP models, just more “compact”.

A few specs on the Burroughs Quantum DS Transport:

  • Dimensions:
    • 8 Pocket: (L) 39.7” (D) 13.5” (H) 8.8”
    • 12 Pocket: (L) 49.3” (D) 13.5” (H) 8.8”
  • Weight:
    • 8 Pockets: 46.3 pounds
    • 12 Pockets: 59.5 pounds
  • Document Size Capacity: 2.9”- 9.25” (Length)/ 2.0” – 4.25” (height)
  • Endorser: Up to 600 dpi, 1-4 lines, quality selection
  • MICR/OCR Readers
  • Scanning Speeds up to 200 CPM (please refer to manufacturer brochure)
  • Front/Image Capture
    • Bi-tonal/Grey renditions available
    • Adjustable image resolution quality
  • Recommended Daily Volume – 2500-3000payments per day (Single Stub/Check)

The Quantum DS has been implemented at several of our partner sites in a variety of industries. This transport will work in any operation that requires processing and sorting of remittances. RTL’s Burroughs based RTLFiRST Remittance Processing solution has allowed companies to streamline their remittance operation by utilizing images taken from the scanner(s) and processed through our technology driven solution. Cross validation and reading of scan lines, OCR/MICR/Barcodes from scanned payment images eliminate and/or reduce any operator intervention. Allowing for the optimization of staff and resources.

Who can process payments Quantum DS:

  • Utility Agencies (Cable, Telephone, Water, Electricity, Mobile, etc.)
  • Insurance Companies (Auto, P&C, Health, etc.)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Banks/Lockbox Service Providers
  • Government Agencies (City/State)
    • City (Business Licenses, Water Payments, Parking Tickets)
    • State (Licenses, Treasury/Tax Departments (Property Tax), DMV, etc. )

The Burroughs Quantum DS, depending on your volume would work wonderful in a variety of low-mid volume environments. The versatility of this machine has allowed our clients to integrate this unit whether they are operating one transport or more, or within a combination scanner environment. This unit, desktop transport can enhance your operations or provide an alternative if you find yourself running older transports that will no longer be supported.

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