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Maintain Visibility and Decision Ability.

Accelerate Access to Funding.

We are experienced payment processors.

Do your remittance stubs look something like this? Worried that a Lockbox processor can’t handle it?


Our Lockbox Team has over 40+ experienced staff members with a care management team with over 30+ years of combined experience in Lockbox processing for the non-profit, insurance, utility, and government sectors


We have provided Lockbox and in-House Remittance solutions to over 35+ mid-large sized non-profits throughout USA and have processed MILLIONS of contributions through our solution over the last decade alone with many in Los Angels and Orange County


We have set up countless of Lockbox and remittance companies and government agency customers to process:

  • Check Only Payments
  • Electronic Payments
  • List Payments/Wholesale
  • Standard Check/Stub Payments

Remittance Processing Capabilities

List Payments: Handling of list payments can be tedious. Many companies continue to cross validate information, confirm balances, and identify accounts. Our solutions can read list documents and parse out key information, isolate payee information to simplify reconciliation, and minimize or eliminate any manual validation. These exception and costly payments are simple and handled with ease by our staff.

The Technology

We are developers of RTLFiRST, a recognized remittance system that has been on the market for over 20+ years serving mid-large sized organizations processing as little as 200-10,000 remittances daily. The RTLFiRST platform is the backbone of our Lockbox division. We found many of our utility customers are spending 60-75% of their time manually handling and validating their list payments and their check only and e-check payments and feel that a Lockbox provider can’t effectively handle these payments. One of the key features of our technology is the ability to automate the validating of these exception payments, easily. Our system can conduct a real-time lookup query or hotfile lookup to identify the correct payor without breaching personal information along with the ability to process list payments and create virtual transactions for simplified reconciliation. Our system capabilities eliminate unnecessary labor and complex handling.

Our full suite of products incorporates added technologies that enhance your ability to manage and analyze your utility processing operations such as:

  • Mobile Capture (remote offices, field locations, etc.)
  • Data Analytics
  • Online Payments
  • Remote Verification Services
  • Disaster Protection Services (Backup Processing)

Our Commitment

We DON’T just deposit your remittances; we want to be an extension of your organization and share in the commitment to your operations. When handling your remittances, we strive to provide the highest level of accuracy. For many of our clients we are hitting quarterly and annual targets of 98% error free/accurate processing for their payments and donations.

Let us handle your payment processing and eliminate the issues managing an in-house system or limitations experienced with your current provider. Find out about our competitive rates and receive a free quotation. Contact us today.

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