Outsource Lockbox Service

RTLockbox, a full-service division of RT Lawrence, is the business unit that specializes in outsourced services and payment processing services. RTL will provide daily mail pickup, payment scanning and imaging, online exception payment processing, bank deposits and provision of daily reports and data file.  We will provide a highly automated and completely image-based processing environment to support your business. Our outsource service solutions focus on providing great value at feasible costs, so our Clients WIN all around. And when our Clients win, so do their customers. RTL has full control, ownership, and direct management of our lockbox operations.  We do not use subcontractors or third party firms for the management and day-to-day activities of our lockbox service operations.

The RTLockbox Business Division specializes in:

Our lockbox customers benefit from our experience and understanding of payment processing needs across vertical markets as well as the features and capabilities available within our RTLFiRST remittance system and FiRSTView imaging archival solution, which are the systems we use for our lockbox operations.

Our system has the ability to scan mixed documents in together with “whitemail” attachments in a batch and the system has the ability to “sort out” the different documents and the associated attachments.

You can expect a great value at feasible costs so you come out ahead year after year. When you are successful, you exceed your customer’s expectations and everybody wins!

Our dedication to technology innovation, automation, imaging, product expertise and empowering our people to grow and service our clients are the key ingredients to our thriving operations. We want our team to take your team to the next level. Ask us how we can improve your operation by speaking to an RTL expert today!