RT Lawrence has been reselling Opex Corporation transports for years.

Opex Corporation is well known in the industry for providing innovative, reliable, industry tested mail extraction and scanning equipment.  They are based in New Jersey and they have technicians and staff throughout the US to service and support their valued resell partners and customers. They are industry leaders; experts in mail automation, document management/scanning & warehouse automation.

Opex continues to provide worldwide solutions for decades and we are excited that their Check processing solutions work seamlessly with our payment processing software, RTLFiRST.  A few of the Check scanning lines we support are the: Opex Falcon Red, Opex 7200, and Opex AS 180.  Some environments require/desire a separate mail extractor machine; we recommend the Opex Model 60, Model 72 to name a few. These have helped a few of our clients speed up the handling process which in turn optimizes payment handling as a whole.

We are valued Opex Resellers.  The unique pairing of our payment software alongside their Check processing transports create a robust, labor optimizing, overhead reducing package. The combined solution has streamlined and automated payment processing departments throughout the US and Canada.

Opex Falcon Red

RTLawrence_OpexFalconThe FalconRed can scan and handle:

  • Checks/Stubs
  • Full Size Documents/List Payments
  • Envelopes

The FalconRed is the most recent Check Scanning Transport to be added to the Opex line.  This machine acts as an all-in-one machine.  This machine allows you to open, extract, and scan all at once.  This model incorporated the Opex Model 72 mail extraction machine which is industry known for its speed and user-friendliness with the latest document scanning technology.

The FalconRed has the capacity to handle ANY sized document, the need to pre-sort payments is eliminated.  Payments extracted on the FalconRed will be placed on a motorized belt to be imaged and processed.

The key to creating a highly optimized payment handling operation is to have the right hardware system that fits your organization but also an innovative software to drive the solution.  In comes RTLFiRST; the Opex will scan documents and create high quality images. Our software will validate and cross reference payment information and identify payments that do not balance or are of concern. The RTLFiRST software will do the work and allow your operators to verify payments through our user friendly interface.

We have scalable solutions.  If your environment is not as large and need something to handle your organizations lower volumes, we have other viable hardware combinations to consider.  Contact us!


Download Opex Falcon Red Brochure



Opex AS180   


Retail Payment Automation Workstation

The Opex 180 can scan and handle:

  • Checks/Stubs

This is a robust transport that handles check/stub payments with ease! It has an integrated mail extraction unit which makes this an ideal all-in-one payment transport.  When designing this unit they had the “low-volume operations” in mind.  The idea was to bring innovative processing technology to a market that needed a system to better handle payments and exceptions (stub/checks).

This unit has been installed at a variety of different clients and has proven a great value in streamlining processing operations.  Paired with our RTLFiRST solution, the combined solution has effectively reduced sorting, eliminated pre-sorting*, and optimized staff labor.

The RTLFIRST solution will “process” all the check/stub images scanned within the Opex 180 and using recognition technology process and validate payments.  The software was designed to cross balance, check payments/stubs against each other and reduce operator labor.

We have scalable solutions.  If your environment is not as large and need something to handle your organizations lower volumes, we have other viable hardware combinations in addition to consider.  Contact us!


Download Opex AS180 Brochure