Process ALL Payment Types With Ease

Lockbox Services of RT Lawrence will process your standard payments and exception payments quickly and at a lower cost than the industry average while incorporating your organizations exclusive processing policies.  With over 20+ years in the payment processing industry, our outsource lockbox processing services has processed thousands of check payments over the years for customers.

With RTL Lockbox Solutions, you are able to process:

  • Whole size documents
  • Check/Stub only payments
  • Electronic Payments
  • List Payments

Your organization will benefit from our lockbox processing services that incorporate the latest in recognition processing technology to ensure accurate payment handling and timely deposits of your payments. Our system can scan and read all your payments/documents and prepare them for deposit the same business day.

Our outsource lockbox solution eliminates the day to day challenges that may arise when operating your own in house system.  We view our customers as partners when we process their retail and wholesale payments. We act as an extension of your operation, allowing you the visibility and access to make decision on payments securely online.

How to Manage Exception Payments

Exception payments that are usually returned or processed at a high fee are handled in our facility providing secure online access and visibility to payments that require your decision and attention. These exception payments are processed with ease on our lockbox solution platform incorporating your business rules.  We help make your staff more productive and efficient.

Our Lockbox Services Solution offers you:

  • Retail Payment Processing
  • Wholesale Payment Processing
  • Wholetail Payment Processing
  • Online Image Search & Retrieval
  • Check 21 Electronic Deposit
  • Online Bill Check Processing

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Our Lockbox Services operation is fully equipped with high-speed transports, mail extraction machines (Opex and NCR payment processors), mail drop-off services, and payment processing staff with a solid knowledge and experience in handling a variety of clients’ environments varying from simple to complex payment types with a clear strategy for expansion and growth as your payment processing volumes increase.

RTL has full control, ownership, and direct management of our lockbox operations. We do not use subcontractors or third party firms for our lockbox services. Currently, we have our corporate payment processing centers in California, with plans to extend our lockbox services to the State of Texas and the Northeast.

If a lockbox service is not quite a fit for your organization and you and your system requires an in-house lockbox system, please click here to visit our remittance solution.