In-house Processing

Remittance Processing

Our flagship solution RTLFiRST utilizes the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology. Our solution will streamline your remittance processing operation by drastically reducing your mailroom labor, reducing your operator data entry staff while accelerating the collection and processing of your funds. RTLFiRST can streamline your current remittance processing operation.

How Remittance Processing Can Work For You?

RTLFiRST is compatible with any environment. If you are regularly taking in payments for dues, balances, donations, fees, etc, RTLFiRST has proven its success to improving the remittance processing of payments for a variety of industries. Among our more common clients are government agencies, non-profits, insurance agencies, utility companies, fulfillment houses and much more. Click on the buttons below to see how our remittance processing solutions has improved payment processing in these organizations.