Payment Processing Solutions For Nonprofit Agencies

Incorporating technology to optimize accuracy, improve handling to continue your support Non- Profit agencies and to those you serve.

Pledges, Appeals, Memorials, Premium Donations for Non-Profit

Pledges, Appeals, Memorials, Premium Donations for Non-Profit

Non-Profit organizations throughout the US and Canada have streamlined their operations by simplifying processes that ensure donations are handled quickly and accurately. Donation Payment handling is complex. Confirming the right funds are tied to the correct donor while having systems in place to identify more complex activity such as premium donations or pledge handling notifications may be seen as a difficult task.

A few unique RTLFiRST Donation Processing System Solutions:

Similar Name Donation: At times, our customers receive contributions from donors with similar or identical names. Our solution paired with our Real-Time Lookup process will conduct verification to identify the correct donor. Our cross validation tools allow you to quickly identify or select from a small set of possibilities reducing pre-verification time drastically. This ensures that the correct donation is credited to the right donor. This allows you to deliver first-class customer service and keep donations coming in.

Urgent Campaigns: The need to call for help can occur at any time during a given year (i.e.: Hurricane relief, Earthquake relief, etc.) Your agency quickly can execute and require a call to help, however, handling these payments can be critical depending on your donation handling policies. Our system allows you to quickly set up a campaign operation without any programming required to correctly handle these donations to process any donor cards, electronic payments, etc.

Premium Handling Campaigns: Some of our partners provide premiums or contribution gifts to their donors. Handling of these types of donations can be laborious and involve multiple departments to ensure fulfillment and proper accounting. Our system helps you manage taxable and non-taxable premiums.

If ensuring your donors have a great experience during the donation process is critical to acquiring future donations and the success of your business, don’t delay in improving your systems. RT Lawrence provides solutions geared to solve an array of challenges and we are here to help with your companies specific requirements.

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