Payment Processing Solutions For Insurance Companies

RT Lawrence is an end-to-end solution provider committed to offering no-programming solutions so insurance companies like yours so you can focus on managing your business and the needs of your customers.

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End-To-End Solutions for Insurance Companies

Regardless of the type of insurance you provide, the handling and payment may vary from policy to policy. Based on RT Lawrence’s extensive knowledge of insurance processing needs, we have developed an adaptive premium payment handling solution to process your agencies payments inclusive of your specific handling rules and procedures.


Automate your collection process

Incorporate hotfiles/special processing rules such as blocked payments, money order payments only, close accounts/reject payments etc

Improve your customer service to
your valued customers.

Update your insurance billing system with ease providing up to date information on your accounts.

Our user-friendly, no-programming required system can:

Manage Name/Address Changes

Our system generates a separate reporting file inclusive of payments that are detected having a change of information. The system will pool this information and can securely be accessed or sent to your Underwriting Department.

Handle Installment Payments

Installment payments can vary from 2- 4 times per year and be a great option for select customers. Managing the acceptance of installment payments will need to be adjusted to calculate correct customer balances. Our system can calculate and adjust your clients balance profiles to update your billing system.

Handle Combined Policy + Membership Payments

For mutual insurance agencies, policy payments may be inclusive of membership dues. With our system, you can parse out payments, validate premium payments and create virtual stubs for simpler reconciliation while generating the appropriate end of day files to update membership profiles and customer/policy profiles.

Validate Account Balances

Our solution paired with real time lookup allows to validate customer numbers, policy numbers, total policy amounts, and remaining due amounts allowing for more accurate customer account information.

Manage Rules

RTLFiRST has the ability to set up thresholds or rejection rules regarding late or partial payments including accept, deny, review, or return.

Calculate Penalties

Calculate penalty amounts with ease and update client profile balances to update your billing system.

Flag Customer Payments

Pause or block late or high-risk customer payments from being deposited or that require operator review.

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