Government Agency Payment Processing Services

Our government remittance processing solution has optimized handling for agencies who process a variety of payments including:

  • Property Tax Payments
  • Business Licenses
  • Utility Payments
  • DMV Payments
  • Parking Citations

Our Payment Processing Solution for government agencies has allowed the optimized handling of payments and sharing of information securely to a variety of departments within a single agency or multiple agencies.

RTLFiRST is scalable for any sized government agency, whether you handle 1K or 20K+ payments daily.


Our solution is adaptable to incorporate agency specific processing policies to ensure the handling follows department practices while incorporating industry best practices paired with technology to improve the overall operations of any government payment processing department.

Government Agency Payment Processing Solutions


Centralized ProcessingHandle and process payments for multiple departments (centralized processing)

Tiered Security AccessSecurely share information across department (tiered security access available)

Peak SeasonAdapt easily to heavy/peak periods and seasons

Incorporate Specific Processing RulesIncorporate agency/department specific processing rules (i.e.: hot files, installment handling, late payments, penalty calculations, money order/cashier check only accounts, etc.)

Customer Payment VerificationCustomer/Resident Payment Verification: Lookup, validation and exclusion (Improved payment processing)

Simplified Exemption Payment HandlingSimplified exemption payment handling: List payments, check only, electronic checks, etc.

Unify Front And Back Office PaymentUnify Front Office/Remote & Back office payment handling solution

Can Work With Different ScannersWork seamlessly with a Canon, OPEX, NCR, Burroughs scanners are more


Our solution has processed hundreds of thousands of payments for government agencies over the last 25+ years. Contact us today to find out more information on how our government remittance solution can potentially optimize collection and improve your operations.

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