Additional Modules

  • RTLFiRST Whitemail/Wholesale Module
  • ACH/Check 21 Module
  • Front Counter/Remote Office Solutions
  • Credit Card Processing Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Real-Time Database Lookup

Knowing how remittance processing works and utilizing the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology, RTLFiRST, will streamline your payment processing operation by:

  • reducing your mailroom labor
  • reducing your data entry staff
  • accelerating the collection and processing of your funds

RTLFiRST may be configured to work with many leading brands of scanners including Opex, Burroughs, Canon and NCR. As an image-based payment processing application, it offers you an easy to learn interface, no programming option, to best utilize the hardware to its fullest potential.

RTLFiRST can process any combination of payments as well as facilitate payments with missing stubs or checks. The system comes with standard hotfiles or a special rules configuration and document inquiry.

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