Feature of the Month: “Touch Payments Once”

If you are currently looking to streamline your remittance operation further and want to simplify your process, RTL offer’s a touch payments once solution. Payments that are run through your processing room would require minimal handling with the all in one solution that runs off the Opex FalconRED transport that is designed to be an All-In-One universal machine. The Opex FalconRED will slice open your payment envelope, your operators would simply extract the remittance contents and place it on the conveyor belt which would then feed the documents (check, stub, full size document, envelope, etc.) through the transport and capture high quality images that would be sent to the RTLFiRST system for further processing and validation.

A few highlights of the Opex FalconRED:

  • Works seamlessly with RTLFiRST
  • Rapid Extraction Desk to simplify payment extraction/handling
  • State of the Imaging Capabilities
  • Mixed Document mode processing ability (Mixed Operation)
  • Broad range document processing capability
    • Document Width: 2.0”-12.25” (5.08 cm – 31.12 cm)
    • Document Length 3.5” – 25.50” (8.89 cm – 64.77 cm)
  • Capacity to process checks, single sheets, multiple stacks of documents to create a complete payment record

The machine works well in various processing environments across a variety of industries and we’ve found that if you are running approximately 1500-3000+ traditional payments daily this machines runs well for this range environment with room to handle heavier peak flow days.

If your environment processes a larger mix of payments types such as:

  • Check Only Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Payments with Change of Address
  • Multiples
  • Misc. Department Remittances
  • List Payments
  • Electronic Checks

The prep activity tied to these payments can be lengthy and eat into deposit deadlines. The RTLFiRST/Opex FalconRED environment creates an environment that minimizes equipment, optimizes labor and creates a streamlined process by eliminating the pre-sort manual activity and utilizing the technology rooted in the design of the RTLFiRST solution and FalconRED to do the work for you.


Simplified, Unified, Consolidated Practices.



The Software: The RTLFiRST software can presort papers automatically, saving a lot of time and energy. This frees up your staff for more customer-oriented service regarding payment issues and processes.

Furthermore, the RTLFiRST system can adopt your agencies specific processing rules. You have the freedom and ability to modify your rules to adapt to your specific processing requirements.

The Hardware: The Opex FalconRed is manufactured by the Opex Corporation, internationally regarded for their mail and document handling innovative technology. The OpexFalcon Red can process up to 110 documents per minute so to create a continuous payment handling process.

The machine works well in various processing environments across a variety of industries; to determine if this RTLFiRST/Opex Falcon environment will meet the needs of your payment processing operation, contact us today for a free environment assessment.

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