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Nonprofit Agency Payment Processing Services


Client Overview

A well-established non-profit organization that sponsors programs to help students and families plan and pay for college.

The Client’s Headache

The client, on a busy day, receives 8,000 payments. Most transactions consist of “white mail” or non-standard, full-sized documents, or list payments with different formats. Their previous process required elaborate manual validation and data entry; for example, one-page list payments can take up to 20 minutes to process. Moreover, the accompanying checks are scanned separately, causing extra labor and broken links between the checks and the posted transactions. These deficiencies resulted in high labor, high error rate, a lack of control, and slow deposits.

With RTL, It Was Not Just Automating Existing Inefficient Processes

With RTL, it wasn’t just a software-hardware project. It was a joint re-engineered business process based solution built on RTLFiRST™ software platform with the accompanying Opex FalconRED extractor-scanner. The Implementation started with a comprehensive Review & Re-engineering process led by highly experienced payment process advisors.

The RTLFiRST™ based process gave this client a highly integrated and streamlined “New Norm”! The whitemail and checks are opened and scanned together, with just ONE TOUCH; no pre-sorting. The rest of the work is mostly done by RTLFiRST™. Its Intelligent List Processing “Pattern Hunting” feature detects and reads more than just account information from lists; it performs complex validations, business rules, and balancing of approved transactions against checks. It image-delivers transactions that require a human decision to the right individuals. RTLFiRST™ created an automated workflow system to process transactions and payments!

The RTL software performs real-time lookups into the client’s CRM to obtain payer information. All of the information is read and processed AUTOMATICALLY. These include payments where there are one check and many pages containing many lines of accounts. RTLFiRST™ brought simplicity which resulted in significantly lesser labor, faster postings and deposits, and much higher accuracy to the client’s transaction and payment processing.

Even MORE important than the direct cost savings, the client gains other high value intangible values. Since managers were no longer stuck supervising routine data entry and fixing errors, now they can truly MANAGE the operation. Customer Service Representatives can now instantaneously search within FirstView™ for information and images based on any combination of partial names, addresses, cities, amounts, etc. Deposit and posting error rates are drastically reduced; there is nothing worse than posting a payment to the WRONG account. Rejected payments have personalized return letters automatically generated by RTLRegen™ for effortless and accurate mail-backs. Collectively, these improvements elevate the client’s service quality, and corporate image. These benefits -while unquantifiable- increases Company’s worth significantly.

According to the client’s Processing Manager:

“RTL’s team was a tremendous guide in the implementation process; they walked us through from start to finish. RTLFiRST™ has improved accuracy by eliminating manual entry of most transactions. This led to greatly reduced labor. Our costs have reduced by over 30% overall and the ROI was under eight months!”

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