Feature Friday – Mobile Capture

Does your office have lines of people waiting to pay during your busy season? 
Do customers want a receipt when they pay?
RTL has a solution to these problems – our MOBILE CAPTURE solution.
The MOBILE CAPTURE solution was designed to allow your organization to accept payments remotely and add value to your existing Remittance Processing System. Imagine being able to accept payments on the fly in your remote office, insert documents into a specific payment group from the processing floor or a remote office. You  can accept payments immediately, eliminating ramp up time and the expense of installing scanners/equipment.

Advantages and Benefits
▪ Take “pictures” of checks/ stubs, full size docs and envelopes using your mobile device.
▪ Process Checks and Money Order remotely and securely
▪ Insert Images/ attachments of payments (check/stub) into a transaction group payment within RTLFiRST
▪ Add/Insert Missing Document
▪ Remote Office Payment Acceptance
▪ Low Volume Full Size Document Receipts
▪ Floating Agents/Operators
▪ Mobile Events

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