Falcon Lands at RTL

The Universal Document Scanning Workstation

RTL and OPEX over the years have closely collaborated in providing numerous one-touch payment processing solutions and implementations to a variety of industries including: Non-Profit, Insurance, Government, Utilities, Fulfilment Houses, Newspaper/Print companies and more!

Once again, RTL is proud to announce that our flagship RTLFiRST Remittance Solution is now fully compatible and supports all new functionality embedded with the all new Falcon™ line of scanners from OPEX.  Together with the new Falcon™, RTL provides ease of integration,One-touch solution and improves efficiency by drastically reducing mailroom labor, reducing operator data entry staff while accelerating the collection and processing of funds.

One of the most remarkable items is OPEX reduced the cost of the Falcon by $15,000 compared to its predecessor.  Here are ten other reasons to buy the Falcon™:

Significant Labor Savings

  • Greatly reduces or eliminates document preparation
  • Only touch a stub/check ONE time
  • No separate envelope opening, extraction, sorting and then scanning
  • Combines scanning with QC – minimizing rescans later in the process

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Ink is the only paid consumable
  • OPEX service contract is inclusive of all parts and labor

Superior Image Output

  • Duplex
  • Full color
  • 300dpi

Multi-Stream+ Output

  • Include up to 10 different images (color, bi-tonal, greyscale, drop out, customized snippets) per document

Versatile Page Feeder

  • “One-Touch”Prep Reducing Drop Feeder
  • Handles difficult documents without adjustment via our patented Drop-Feed Conveyor
  • Mixed sizes – from a business card to 12.25 x 25 inch  / A3
  • Handles different paper conditions
  • Delicate
  • Torn without repair
  • Creased

High-Capacity Feeder

  • capable of handling up to 700 sheets with our high-capacity feeder
  • capable of continuous feed without resetting the feeder

Rescan Feeder

  • eliminates time consuming stoppages
  • enhances productivity by performing QC at the time of capture

External Digital Capture and Batch Insertion

  • Real-time insertion of external images into active batch
  • Flatbed scanner or any other scanner
  • Digital Camera image input – capture 3 dimensional (3D) objects
  • Insert previously captured images from a separate electronic file

Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detect

  • Virtually eliminate double feeds
  • Selective easy on and off

In-line Document Classification

  • Based upon unique programmable criteria
  • Length, Width, Thickness profile
  • Barcode, OCR, OMR
  • Built in profiles for checks, envelopes, file folders
  • Identifies on-the-fly operator designated forms up to 12 different page/form types

Multiple Sort Bins

  • Capable of sorting document types to separate bins

Thick Item Document Capture

  • Overnight packages for item tracking
  • Unopened envelopes for returned mail capture