Disaster Protection Services

Why It Makes Sense

  • Eliminate Need for Expensive Redundant Systems
  • Backup Location Already Provided
  • Use of Same RTLFiRST System
  • Payment Operations Can Be Easily Duplicated
  • Quick Implementation & Ramp-Up
  • Low-Cost DPS Plan Setup & Maintenance Fees
  • Competitive Lockbox Payment Processing Fees
  • Cost Effective Backup Solution
  • No Activation Fees

A Disaster Protection Solution With Seamless Integration

Every organization must implement a Disaster Protection Solution (DPS) as part of their remittance processing system to be prepared for a natural disaster.

So, why wouldn’t you choose a system that is all-inclusive? We use the same RTLFiRST remittance system in our Lockbox solution, which is the core component of our DPS. With the same system, we can easily and more effectively duplicate payment processing operations resulting in a quicker implementation process.

For an ideal turnkey backup solution you need:

  1. an alternative location and backup processing facility
  2. a redundant or secondary system and operation
  3. experienced staffing

You could capitalize on the most important benefits of our lockbox service solution in the event of a disaster very quickly. In fact, online imaging and web access to exception payments are standard to our services. With a secure internet connection you can gain visibility and access to payment documents when needed regardless of your office location.

Top 5 Reasons We Are A Cost-Efficient Solution

  1. No Activation Fees
  2. Low-Cost DPS Plan Setup & Maintenance Fees
  3. Competitive Lockbox Payment Processing Fees
  4. Quick Implementation
  5. RTLFiRST System

Learn more about our affordable Disaster Protection Services by speaking to an RTL expert today. We are here to help.

Disaster Protection Solution Diagram

Disaster Protection Solution