RTL is excited to announce a brand new product to add

to our line of technology solutions offering.

We’d like to introduce you to IDA.

IDA is a true business intelligience solution designed to allow users to simplify,

access, accelerate and visualize all the complexities of your data.

What is Business Intelligence:

It is a tool or process used to analyze business data and turn it into actionable insights to support organizations to make better informed data focused decisions. 

What is IDA

It is the codename of our new product, Intuitive Data Analytics* . It is the most advanced next generation BI that enables you to, on the fly, ask any questions about your business, build any business simulation and model without programming, pre-built templates, need to learn commands, or memorize menu options..

“Ask… and you will see. Instantaneously.”

IDA helps you see beyond a few pre-built operating KPIs. She empowers you to think strategically, dig deep and wide in a natural human manner. Our unique User Experience design eliminates the need for a series of meetings because of waiting for more reports and charts.

IDA also completely eliminates your IT costs, and wait time, to build reports, charts, and dashboards. Most importantly, with IDA you can do what-if analysis, try out different business models and assumptions on your own without IT or Data Scientist help.  You are truly in control as a strategist or problem solver.

Here are some key features about IDA that we’re so excited to tell you about.

Unrestricted Thought

ask any question. See instant visualizations. Robust NLP capability, no reports or visualizations are pre-built

Personalized View

Create your own personalized dashboard on the fly. No programming required, you become your own IT engineer.

Al Bubbles

Our Al bubbles supplement and guide you in your thought process. It provides you "hints" to identify what may be relevant to you. Simply drag and drop.

Predicting the Future

IDA allows to visualize what if scenarios and disruptive events impact analysis

Want to find out more about IDA?

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