What is Lockbox Processing?

Lockbox processing is a service offered by third-party vendors and financial institutions to simplify and automate the handling of customer mailed-in payments. Lockbox processing is also known as remittance processing service or payment processing service. Lockbox processing services route and handle mailed-in payments for reconciliation to a client’s host system and prepare them for deposit. This service eliminates the need for companies to process their own payments. Lockbox processing also reduces operating costs associated with […]

RTLFiRST Distribution Manager

Do you….. -want to eliminate repetitive paper based manual search process? -want to save time in searching for the physical stubs? -need to generate stub/check images of archived/un-archived batches in PDF and/or multipage TIF format? RTL has a solution for you… DISTRIBUTION MANAGER® (formerly RTL PDFManager) is a tool that allows RTLFiRST users to generate stub images of archived and un-archived batches based on specific parameters given by the users themselves.  These parameters are based […]

Feature Friday – Mobile Capture

Does your office have lines of people waiting to pay during your busy season?  Do customers want a receipt when they pay? RTL has a solution to these problems – our MOBILE CAPTURE solution. The MOBILE CAPTURE solution was designed to allow your organization to accept payments remotely and add value to your existing Remittance Processing System. Imagine being able to accept payments on the fly in your remote office, insert documents into a specific […]


Do you.. want to make it easy in searching accounts for checks only payments? want to eliminate significant amount of time and errors in looking for the right payer? want to reduce headaches in launching multiple applications to post payment? RTL has the solution… REAL-TIME Lookup -The developers behind RTLFiRST have extended the features and capabilities within the already robust software by introducing our REAL-TIME Lookup optional module. This integration tool gives users a practical […]

Refund/Reject Letter Generation Module (ReGen)

Does your company….. –          receive payments that get rejected and issue refunds to customers? –          send letters to inform clients about their rejected payments and the reason(s) for rejection? RTL has a solution for you…. Refund/Reject Letter Generation or ReGen Module is an RTLFIRST application used to create letters to send to clients regarding refunds and rejected payments. Features and benefits of ReGen Module…. ·         Generates letters to inform clients of their rejected payment and […]