ClickList – List Payment Handling

ClickList® -This module is designed to easily and effectively process list payments through the use of OCR technology. -It allows operators to define which fields they want to read off the list and through these defined fields, create virtual stubs. -RTLFiRST users simply have to do a “one-motion/zone-in” of the column(s) that needs to be processed which could include Account Number, Customer Name, Amount Due etc. -Automatically creates virtual stubs for simplified verification and balancing. […]

RTL Feature Friday: Home Scanner

RTL is continuously developing ways on how we can help our clients during the Covid-19 crisis. RTL has a Backup/DR in a Box solution where employees can take a scanner and work from home, remote office or anywhere which normally requires VPN connection to the server. RTL has launched a new variety to our Backup/DR in a Box Solution called the HOME SCANNER. This new solution has the following features: – This is a stand-alone […]

RTL Feature Friday: RTL continuing Covid 19 Assistance & Operations Support

RTL has been proactively evolving to help our customers process payments and we continue that effort. IF WE CAN HELP IN ANY WAY, please let us know. The following are some options that we have implemented for different customers. If you need something else, PLEASE ASK! But First, we want to assure you that RTL IS OPEN and ready to help. California has issued direction that only “essential businesses” can operate. We have been in […]

RTL Feature Friday: Covid 19 & your business. How can we help!

In the past few weeks, many customers have been reaching out to us to help with their unique situations with remittance processing. One customer had to completely close their office where their main scanner is located, another has ALL employees working from home, a third has reduced staff working on premise. We are working with them to help process their payments, to maintain business continuity, and to maintain their intake of funds. As the situation […]

RTL Feature Friday: FiRSTView Imaging API

Does your company….. – use a 3rd party billing/tax system and want to avoid opening other applications when looking for images? – want to view archived images directly from your billing/tax system? RTL has a solution for you…. FiRSTView Imaging API is a tool that gives users the ability to view archived images directly from a 3rd party system without the need to launch the FiRSTView application. Features and benefits of FiRSTView Imaging API …. […]