Case Study

County Tax Collector

This county tax collector has been a client of RT Lawrence for many years.  The issues facing them:

  • Outdated version of RTLFiRST – There were MANY features that were not being utilized in an older version.
  • No way to see the County’s property tax billing during remittance processing
  • Other People in the Department could NOT see remittance information


  • Upgrade to RTLFiRST version 8.0
  • Install RTL Real Time Lookup
  • Install RTLFirst View

During discussions between RTL Sales Management and the Elected Tax Collector, the TC expressed concerns that the upgrade would not be seamless and could cause difficulty in their operation.  RTL promised that the upgrade would be completely seamless and fulfill their needs, otherwise RTL would roll back to previous version and not charge the county for the upgrade.

The County realized that they were not utilizing the full potential of the RT Lawrence software and they contacted us.  RTL assigned a Business Process Analyst to review the operation and found that the best course of operation would be to upgrade the County to the latest RTL software, version 8.0, while also installing two modules that the County was not utilizing.

The Product Manager and Solution Engineer from RTL worked closely with the County employee to streamline the operation and complete a System Re-Engineering where all aspects of the operation were examined and optimized.

Version 8.0 was installed on time and without problems; County is utilizing the new features.  County reported that the upgrade went very well and all issues were addressed.

This is a case study for county tax collector.