Can a Desktop Check Scanner Make the Grade?

The industry is changing, check volume is decreasing and the types of payments companies are receiving are changing. Companies are still handling check payments from their customers or donors, but many big name manufacturer’s such as NCR and Burroughs (formerly Unisys) are eliminating many of the mid/large check transports from their product offering through desktop check scanner

If you are running a NCR itran model 180,300,600, 8000 or the Burroughs (formerly Unisys) 200, 300, 600 model transports, you probably are aware that they are no longer in production and eventually will no longer be supported.

Where does that leave you?

Depending on your volume there are a variety of options. If you are find yourself still handling 500-3000 check payments daily, there are a few desktop check scanners that may suit your needs.   The investment cost of these units are less than the larger “work-horses” of the industry but its critical that even though they are smaller in size and vary on speed, they provide a consistent throughput and high quality image camera.  In addition, the annual maintenance is SUBSTANTIALLY less than the large scanners; you can purchase several new desktop scanners for what you are currently paying each year for maintenance.

Featured Desktop Scanner: The Canon CR-190i II

Capacity and Speed: “Fast & Dynamic Check Processing” , don’t let this compact unit fool you.  It has the ability to scan up to speeds 190 items per minute. The ADF “Automatic Document Feeder” is designed to handle a variety of document types including: checks, business checks, money orders, stubs of various heights and lengths*, tickets and much more.  The unit has 2 sort pockets plus one error slot with the capacity to hold up to 200 documents.

Image Quality: If you are running our RTLFiRST Remittance Processing Solution or another platform, the hardware camera plays in integral role on the optimization of your entire remittance processing investment.  The image quality of the the checks, stubs, etc. scanned through your transport will feed your remittance software solution to enable a greater optimized level of accuracy when processing your payments.  The Canon CR190i has a variety of integrated features that improve image quality processing, such as the: MOCR (Magnetic Optical Reader)reading capability and “Fine Text Filering” feature.  The better the image and recognition technology on your transport translates to less images requiring your operator intervention and allows for Check 21 electronic depositing of your receivables.

A few specs on the CR 190i:

  • Dimensions – 8.4” x 18.7” x 7”
  • Weight – 18.5 pounds
  • Document Size Capacity: 2.7”- 4.3” (Width)/ 4.7” – 9.6” (height)
  • MICR/OCR Readers
  • Scanning Speeds up to 190 CPM (please refer to manufacturer brochure)
  • Recommended Daily Volume – 1000-2000 payments per day (Single Stub/Check)

Client Partners (by industry) who successfully run on the Canon CR 190i Platform:

  • Utility Agencies (Cable, Telephone, Water, Electricity, Mobile, etc.)
  • Insurance Agencies (Auto, P&C, Health, etc.)
  • Property Management companies
  • Banks
  • Government Agencies (City/State)
    • City (Business Licenses, Water Payments, Parking Tickets)
    • State (Licenses, Treasury/Tax Departments (Property Tax), DMV, etc. )

The Canon CR190i, depending on your volume would work wonderful in a variety of low-mid volume environments.  The versatility of this machine has allowed our clients to integrate this unit whether they are operating one transport or more.  As an alternative, customers have opted to use this machine as part of their disaster recovery process.

A compact desktop check scanner does have its drawbacks when comparing to more of the work horse transports.  However, the features and functionality of this transport allow end users to still have a fully automated remittance processing operation.

Click here to access CR190i Brochure