RTLFiRST and Burroughs can:

  •   Can process & Read check/stub payments quickly
  •   Process and Read List Payments (SmartSource Adaptive)
  •   Validate Real-Time payments
  •   Scan payments in a mixed batch mode
  •    Incorporate YOUR processing rule

Burroughs Scanners (Formerly Unisys) has been providing check transport solutions for decades.  One of the initial main players in the market sector.  Burroughs produced a wide variety of low to high volume scanners for the last several decades.

A few of the Burroughs Scanners we offer and support:


Burroughs Corporation long experience and knowledge in developing innovative image based check transports.  Being one of the early pioneers in this sector has allowed them to stay ahead of the curve and creating payment handling solutions from ATM machines to transports.

RTLFiRST – RT Lawrence’s flagship remittance payment processing solution utilizes imaging  technology to read/process check, stub and list images scanned through a variety of Burroughs transports  while providing end-users a  friendly interface while incorporating handling policies specific to your operational requirements.

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