You Scan, We Verify!

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Payment Verification: How We Can Help!

Is your organization knee-deep in payments? In the past, many of our clients’ pay processing operations procedures were hectic. During peak periods of the fiscal quarter, a high volume of processing payments needed to be processed—quickly and accurately—without delay. Many organizations run into this problem. Teams become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of payments that need to be processed. Delays in processing end up becoming inevitable. Many organizations cannot afford this interruption.
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Affordable Payment Processing Solutions: What are my Options?

Simplifying Remittance Processing to Increase Business Growth

The remittance payment processing industry is dynamic. When researching various SaaS platforms and technologies to support your business, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Training Staff. Remittance payment solutions should expedite your payment processing, and as an extension, your bottom-line. However, developing a full comprehension of the functions of an online payment gateway can be a time-consuming project for employees. Many organizations choose a remittance solution that requires in-depth training. Staff may get over-encumbered with the learning curve. Instead of time spent learning how to use the remittance solutions, this time could be spent on more immediate projects. Choosing a user-friendly platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your payment process operations is vital to maintaining labor costs. This helps avoid the trial-and-error process and cuts right to simplifying your payment processing.

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Do you need a ‘custom’ remittance software solution for your business?

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Unless your business specializes in effective payment processing solutions—like ours does—you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about how your business is getting paid.

It just needs to work, and work well.

That’s where we come in. RT Lawrence offers innovative remittance processing software solutions to keep your back office running efficiently so your front office can focus on your clients, products and bottom line. Our no-programming-required scalable payment solution works with any sized bespoke business environment and comes standard with our unparalleled support services.
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RT Lawrence Corporation’s 25th Anniversary

Truth. Time flies when you’re having fun. We at RTL are excited to share that this upcoming March 1st, RTL will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. In the last 5 years, RTL has experienced continued growth and success. Since our last major anniversary celebration, RTL purchased its very own office building which is home to our corporate office and we have added numerous staff to our growing team.

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Client Wins/New Contracts for RT Lawrence


RTL is excited to announce that the number of California counties using our system has grown significantly in 2016. We were fortunate to add on SIX counties to our growing list of valued partners this year.

San Bernardino County (the largest US County by area), Fresno County, El Dorado County, San Benito County, Tehama County, and Shasta County are the newest additions to a growing number of counties to implement our RTLFiRST Property Tax Payment Solution. We have a fully integrate-able solution with the Megabyte Property Tax system which many of our new accounts currently use to manage their customer property tax information. Our user friendly system, dedicated support team, and long history of providing Remittance solutions to many other agencies within the state of California were a few of the many reasons RTL had come out on top and won several awards and bids. We have been busy!

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