Improved Payment Handling


If you process as much as 600 payments a day to 60,000+ payments a day, you would need to improve payment and some sort of automated system to optimize and speed of the deposit of your check payments whether you are processing payments, donations, etc.

An optimal remittance operation will create an environment that…
Improves payment handling by:

  • Optimizing Operator Labor and reducing operator error
  • Automate the reading and processing of payments
  • Improve speed and accuracy by utilizing high image quality camera equipped transports and character recognition software
  • Speed up deposit time  and end of day processing/prep
  • Deposit checks easily electronically (Check 21/ACH) or traditionally

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How Important Is Check Image Quality?

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I guess it depends who you’re asking, but in the remittance processing world it plays a critical role in the optimization of your overall processing operation.  The check scanner you run should have a high quality camera that creates optical resolution images of 300 DPI (dots per inch).  Various transports have different features and tools that allow an improved read & image capture of the overall document, scanline, MICR line etc.

Most financial document scanners on the market today produced by manufacturers such as Opex, Canon, NCR, Burroughs, etc. incorporate quality imaging capability in their products.

So why is this important?

The quality of the images drives your remittance solution platform and ensures you meet various banking financial institutions Check 21 clearing requirements.

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Disaster Protection Services


Why It Makes Sense

  • Eliminate Need for Expensive Redundant Systems
  • Backup Location Already Provided
  • Use of Same RTLFiRST System
  • Payment Operations Can Be Easily Duplicated
  • Quick Implementation & Ramp-Up
  • Low-Cost DPS Plan Setup & Maintenance Fees
  • Competitive Lockbox Payment Processing Fees
  • Cost Effective Backup Solution
  • No Activation Fees

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Know the Benefits and Options of Outsourcing


If your agency is processing payments, it is likely that you considered deciding to outsource your payment processing operations. Outsourcing may be a viable option for some agencies that need support in operational efficacy. Having a third-party provider handle your remittance can increase your bottom line.

Factors of Outsourcing Processing:

  • Payment Volume
  • Internal Resources
  • Budgets
  • Processing Policies

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Can a Desktop Check Scanner Make the Grade?


The industry is changing, check volume is decreasing and the types of payments companies are receiving are changing. Companies are still handling check payments from their customers or donors, but many big name manufacturer’s such as NCR and Burroughs (formerly Unisys) are eliminating many of the mid/large check transports from their product offering through desktop check scanner

If you are running a NCR itran model 180,300,600, 8000 or the Burroughs (formerly Unisys) 200, 300, 600 model transports, you probably are aware that they are no longer in production and eventually will no longer be supported.

Where does that leave you?

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