Improved Payment Handling

Reduce Errors and Deposit Checks Quicker If you process as much as 600 payments a day to 60,000+ payments a day, you would need to improve payment and some sort of automated system to optimize and speed of the deposit of your check payments whether you are processing payments, donations, etc. An optimal remittance operation will create [...]

How Important Is Check Image Quality?

I guess it depends who you’re asking, but in the Remittance Processing world it plays a critical role in the optimization of your overall processing operation.  The check scanner you run should have a high quality camera that creates optical resolution images of 300 DPI (dots per inch).  Various transports have different features and tools that allow[.....]

Disaster Protection Services

Why It Makes Sense Eliminate Need for Expensive Redundant Systems Backup Location Already Provided Use of Same RTLFiRST System Payment Operations Can Be Easily Duplicated Quick Implementation & Ramp-Up Low-Cost DPS Plan Setup & Maintenance Fees Competitive Lockbox Payment Processing Fees Cost Effective Backup Solution No Activation Fees   A Disaster Protection Solution With Seamless Integration Every[.....]