29+ Years Strong and
We Are Still Growing!

RTL is excited, relieved, and thankful that despite the recent effects of the pandemic on so many businesses, we are still strong and expanding. We’re not going anywhere!  Our position in the payment processing market has strengthened over the years and we are excited to see that we have many new clients join our RTL family even during unprecedented times. 

RTL has experienced steady growth over the past five years, and our staff size has increased by 15%.  Each division has experienced steady growth, and we look forward to an even stronger year ahead. We’ve added several new clients to our Remittance, Lockbox and new Data Analytics divisions.

One of our core principals is ensuring that we continue to be innovative and forward thinking by creating new technology designed for the demands of tomorrow. With that being said, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our product line.

RTL serves as a strategic partner to IDA.

Product Lines

We’d like you to meet IDA.

IDA is: Intuitive Data Analytics

IDA is the newest product we are adding to our solution offering.  IDA has been in development for a few years by a select team of innovators, first behind RTL’s success. 

IDA is an interactive Business Intelligence tool that allows you to play and interact with your data. She was designed to support the human thought process and help you see information beyond standard KPIs and dashboards. Ask IDA to see any report, any graph, or even ask her to predict your business future, and she will be able to present you with an instant visualization. 

IDA can be accessed by voice, typed and swipe prompts.


A Blended Data Analytics platform. Our developers are aiming to release an IDA integration with RTLFIRST and FIRSTView in the coming months. This blended platform will allow you to  experience IDA’s benefits when working your remittance system.

You will be able too:

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