Affordable Payment Processing Solutions: What are my Options?

Simplifying Remittance Processing to Increase Business Growth

The remittance payment processing industry is dynamic. When researching various SaaS platforms and technologies to support your business, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Training Staff. Remittance payment solutions should expedite your payment processing, and as an extension, your bottom-line. However, developing a full comprehension of the functions of an online payment gateway can be a time-consuming project for employees. Many organizations choose a remittance solution that requires in-depth training. Staff may get over-encumbered with the learning curve. Instead of time spent learning how to use the remittance solutions, this time could be spent on more immediate projects. Choosing a user-friendly platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your payment process operations is vital to maintaining labor costs. This helps avoid the trial-and-error process and cuts right to simplifying your payment processing.

    • Determining the right remittance processing services is often contingent on the type of your organization. Many industries are in a constant flux of innovation and will need a remittance solution that can handle this ever-changing environment. Different industries will need different payment processing functions. Industries like small government agencies, non-profits, utility agencies, and insurance companies all experience constant change. These industries will need remittance processing solutions that can handle this change.

Find the Best Payment Processing Solution

Finding an affordable remittance processing solution in the digital age might seem like an imposing task. There are dozens of options to choose from and pricing quotes can get convoluted if you choose to have a processing solution customized for your needs. Having a SaaS developer customize your solution will take precious time and capital. But there are affordable options that deliver powerful technology without the steep price-tag.

How The RTLFiRST Remittance Payment System Can Work for You

The RTLFiRST remittance solution is used by various industries to work around the constraints of a hindering payment processing operation. Using the RTLFiRST can help avoid labor overhead and accelerate both the collection, and processing of funds. Your accounting department can bypass tedious data entry and mailroom staff no longer need to pre-sort remittance coupons.

Our In-house processing system can image-capture checks, stubs, and full-sized documents, processed through a remittance transport. Special handling payment rules are easily integrated into the system and any special handling payments are flagged and processed correctly with our state-of-the-art recognition technology.

When changes and updates need to be made to your system’s dashboard, instead of waiting for customized software to be developed, users can use a drop-down menu to choose functions needed to update their billing system. This also cuts down on training hours. Many clients have stated that after an initial training they needed no support to make the changes they need (even though RT Lawrence Corp is more than happy to help).

The RTlFiRST can solve payment processing for insurance companies, non-profits, government, and more. The technology is easily integrated and provides a solution to your organization’s needs for a harmonized remittance payment solution.

The Ease of Lockbox

Our lockbox payment processing service is an outsourcing service that consolidates your organization’s customer payments and donations. Payments and donations are processed regardless of variations in stub or remittance coupon. From here, these are directly deposited into your account with same-day delivery for the majority of clients.

Whether you have a multi-national corporation or a small business that requires payment processing services, our lockbox outsourcing service will take away this tedium.

Electronic Payments are Covered

Check 21 payments, ach payments, and other electronically deposited payments are handled by the easy-accessed—E-Payment suite. RTL’s solutions caters to users who need to access their cash quickly, without the collection float that slows down the process. Payments can be accepted via a variety of channels to improve the clearing handling process.

If you would like to learn more about how RTL can make your life easier, then take a look at our other payment processing services here.