Check Payment Processing Provider

Check Payment Processing Provider

RT Lawrence Corporation is a TOTAL payment processing system provider. Our flagship product, RTLFiRST, is a premier payment processing solution company utilized by government agencies, non-profits, insurance, utility agencies and more throughout the US and Canada. We are payment processing company providing in-house solutions or payment processing services. Our payment system was created to work seamlessly hand in hand with industry recognized document imaging transport systems to create a complete payment processing system.

Our payment processing system accelerates the handling of:

Check Payments (Business/Personal)

Electronic Checks

List Payments

Wholesale Payments

Check Only Payments

Whether payments are sourced from the mail, web, telephone, etc. our payment processing platform is designed to create a unified platform to simplify the handling of your payments with simplified capability to connect and update with your host billing or customer management system with ease.

Our Payment Processing Software is a scalable solution designed to work with a variety of transports such as Opex, Panini, etc. Utilizing industry recognized transports with high quality image recognition technology paired with our payment processing software that utilizes that latest in character recognition automates a once traditional manual process. The merged technology allows our platform to minimize operator intervention by unlocking the technology to do the “work” while leaving only a small percentage of payments for review by your operators through a simple yet feature rich payment verification platform.

In addition, we are a payment processing service provider. We utilize our very own RTLFiRST payment processing software to support our Los Angeles based payment processing operation. Our Lockbox service was designed to service customers, who for a variety of reasons elect to not process their payments in-house. It may be due to budget, payment volume, or wanting to avoid the day to day hassles that can occur when you’ve got an inhouse operation, whatever the reason, our lockbox operation has been in operation for over 20+ years servicing companies throughout the west coast and beyond. Lastly, our lockbox department has added service offerings including remote verification services and disaster recovery services.

RT Lawrence Corporation has been innovating for over 25 years and constantly looking to innovate our technology and ourselves. Call us today to find out more about our organization and how we’ve helped companies over the year optimize their operations and how they were able to accelerate their payment processing departments.







Improve your payment workflow and collection process!

Our Services

Our Services

Remittance Solutions

Scalable In-House Payment Processing solutions for any industry, compatible with a variety of check scanners manufacturers from Opex, Canon, NCR, and Burroughs.

Outsourcing Services

The processing service that has the ability to process standard and exception payments with ease, incorporating processing policies and rules unique to each client.

E-Payment Solutions

Solutions that optimize your payment processing solution and process to optimize payment handling, reduce collection float, etc. such as Check 21 and ACH E-Deposits.

Disaster Protection Services

A contingency solution for agencies that require continuous payment handling or require a backup payment processing plan should their payment processing operation cease.

Remote Verification Services

A service that allows companies to transfer payment validation or document data entry while maintaining visibility and control over your information.

Solution Support

Our support team is staffed with certified engineers who are assigned to dedicated client partners to ensure environment unique support and issue resolution.


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