Do you…..
-want to eliminate repetitive paper based manual search process?
-want to save time in searching for the physical stubs?
-need to generate stub/check images of archived/un-archived batches in PDF and/or multipage TIF format?

RTL has a solution for you…
DISTRIBUTION MANAGER® (formerly RTL PDFManager) is a tool that allows RTLFiRST users to generate stub images of archived and un-archived batches based on specific parameters given by the users themselves.  These parameters are based on the stub and check fields configured in RTLFIRST and as shown in the RTLFiRST Verification Screen.

Features of Distribution Manager® and how this will benefit you…
• Can be used for RTLFiRST 7.0 and 8.0 database structure
• Can be used to do search in FiRSTView (RTLFiRST Archival)
• Profile-level settings for each condition
• Streamlined Image Processing and PDF file creation
• Automatically send generated files to email recipients with default subject headers and text
• Create PDF and/or TIF files
• Configurable transaction/image headers
• Configurable imaging set up allows users to select which image to include in the document.

Contact your Account Manager to find out more!!!