Does your company…..

– use a 3rd party billing/tax system and want to avoid opening other applications when looking for images?
– want to view archived images directly from your billing/tax system?

RTL has a solution for you….
FiRSTView Imaging API is a tool that gives users the ability to view archived images directly from a 3rd
party system without the need to launch the FiRSTView application.

Features and benefits of FiRSTView Imaging API ….
– The API will allow for a 3rd-party vendor to access images archived in RTL’s FiRSTView from the 3rd party software.
– Use of an Imaging API still requires the client to have and maintain FiRSTView.
– FiRSTView Imaging API works with both RTLFiRST version 7 and 8.
– Third party needs to integrate this API into their system.

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