RTL is continuously developing ways on how we can help our clients during the Covid-19 crisis. RTL has a
Backup/DR in a Box solution where employees can take a scanner and work from home, remote office
or anywhere which normally requires VPN connection to the server. RTL has launched a new variety to
our Backup/DR in a Box Solution called the HOME SCANNER. This new solution has the following

– This is a stand-alone application that will NOT require connection to the server. No VPN connection needed!!!
– All settings are stored in the XML file in the local drive.
– This solution can be used with Canon and Smart Source Adaptive (SSA) desktop scanners.
– Scanned images are stored in a local PC then transmitted to your Office.
– This has the ability to support multiple operations.

Once the Batches are generated, the RTL Transmit program can be used to send the batches to the
client’s server. From there, the batches can be imported to RTLFiRST using our Import Module and the
same/normal process follows. This setup can be completed in just a couple of days after the scanner is
already onsite. We will provide “near-cost” pricing and we can even operate on a hand-shake, or an
Elbow-Bump, agreement. Once again, we do not require long term commitments. This is only to help
during this crisis period.
Should you have questions or need more info, please feel free to let me know. Keep safe everyone!

We know in our heart that each reported case of the virus has behind it a person, a family, a
community. RTL is concerned for those affected, those caring for the affected, for those
valiantly trying to diagnose and treat patients, and those actively responding to this health
crisis. PLEASE stay safe and healthy; we all hope and pray the worst does not come to pass.
Please reach out (call or email) to John Phillips (john.phillips@rtlawrence.com; 312-296-2796),
Account Executive or me your Account Manager for help.
Take Care and (for those fans of a certain TV show) Let’s be careful out there!