Do you….
-accept 3rd party payments in the form of a check or electronic list?
-spend a lot of your time manually processing these payments?
-notice these electronic files from 3rd party providers have missing key information?
-have a quick and easy way to setup and handle the different e-file formats from these 3rd party payment processors?

RTL has a solution for you…
E-pay Consolidator module was designed to take, consolidate and process all your electronic payment files; thus, making the process easier and faster.

Features and benefits of E-pay Consolidator….
E-pay consolidator will streamline and automate the processing of electronic files from 3rd party payment providers.
In some environments, E-pay Consolidator has cut handling and processing times of 3rd party checks by almost 50%.
This will quickly identify files from major 3rd party providers and process the files to quickly identify errors contained in the file that slow down processing.
Available in RTLFiRST 8 and RTLFiRST 7.
Real Time Lookup module is best to be bundled with E-pay Consolidator
E-pay Consolidator’s supported file formats include comma-delimited (.csv), fixed-length (.txt) or NACHA (ctx lite, ctx wrap).

Contact your Account Manager to find out more!!!