Does your company have…..
– the back-up protection you need for your payment processing operations in the event of a
natural disaster?
– a business continuity plan in place if an unexpected system failure occurs?

RTL has a solution for you….
Disaster Recovery Services…. In today’s time, life is full of contingencies, problems and disasters but you
can always count on RTL’s Disaster Protection Services for business continuity. Our Disaster Recovery
Services will ensure your organizations’ critical payment processing operations can be maintained in the
event of a disaster or unexpected system failure. We provide protection by setting up your own
“emergency” lockbox operations.

Features, Inclusions and benefits of RTL’s Disaster Recovery Services ….

  • A backup facility
  • RTLFiRST Remittance Processing System
  • Retail and Wholesale scanners
  • Configuration and setup of RTLFiRST Operations
  • Requirements definition
  • Procedural planning
  • Quick implementation process
  • Knowledgeable operators and staff
  • Reasonable DPS monthly maintenance fees
  • Full-Service Lockbox operation upon activation

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