In the past few weeks, many customers have been reaching out to us to help with their unique
situations with remittance processing. One customer had to completely close their office where their
main scanner is located, another has ALL employees working from home, a third has reduced staff
working on premise. We are working with them to help process their payments, to maintain business
continuity, and to maintain their intake of funds. As the situation continues to evolve, we are doing all
that we can to help overcome the business challenges presented by this global event and help people
remain protected.
As many of you know, we operate both a Disaster Recovery (DR) site, and a full-service lockbox
operations at our Whittier, CA office. In our own small way, we want to use these resources to help and
for us all to get through this terrible time TOGETHER. We came up with 3 POSSIBLE models to address
different need situations.

1. Backup in a Box
RTL has the ability to provide you a small scanner and install your Remittance System on a laptop. Your
employees can take scanner and work from home, remote office, or anywhere. This is a fairly simple
setup when RTL provides scanner and software, you provide computer and secured internet
connections. We recently just setup one customer in just a couple of days. We think that this approach
would be ideal if you want to keep your processing “in-house” but just need to “take it offsite”. The Pro
of this approach is: you are keeping all processing in-house and this “backup in a box” can be used for
future needs. The Con of this approach is: If your processing volume is high, this approach may not keep
up with your volume or you may need multiple scanners for multiple people. And you need your IT’s
involvement to establish acceptable internet connections.

2. Remote Verification
You scan at your office, or using the “backup in a box”, and RTL’s team will remotely verify
payments. We can also do all the end of the day work like Check21, file upload, and balancing. You are
not required to use our service for the long term, just during this “difficult” period, no strings attached.
This approach is good if you are not completely shut down but running a “minimal staff” and need some
extra resources.

3. California, Lockbox Service
RTL has a well-established lockbox (payment processing service) operation in Whittier, CA and this week
we have setup three different teams to work in separate, isolated facilities from each other to process
payments. Should anyone in one of our facilities get sick, the other two teams would not be
contaminated and should still be good to continue. You would mail, or forward, your payments to RTL
and we would scan/process/deposit/upload everything for you. Last week, three of our customers have
already activated this service with us. Again, you are not required to use our service for the long term,
just during this “difficult” period, no strings attached. This approach is good if you are completing shut
down and don’t have the time and resource to setup “backup in a box” at your staff’s home or remote
office. Or, if you don’t want to buy the “backup in a box”.

All of these options are available for quick setup. One caveat, RTL is not an enormous company, we have
limited resources. If ALL customers selected option 3 we could NOT handle. Another user-beware is that,
although we are categorized as an “Essential Business” which is currently exempt from shelter-in-place
requirements, but if the Government requires us to be shut down, then we cannot help.

For options 2 and 3 we are waiving setup fees and for all, we are charging standard “best” prices. We
can provide evidence of pricing being same as the normal time upon request. We are NOT doing this to
take advantage of the situation. We are only trying to help.
We do not require elaborate contractual agreements; only whatever your company requires. We will
provide “near-cost” pricing and we can even operate on a hand-shake, or an Elbow-Bump, agreement.
Once again, we do not require long term commitments. This is only to help during this crisis period.
We know in our heart that each reported case of the virus has behind it a person, a family, a
community. RTL is concerned for those affected, those caring for the affected, for those valiantly trying
to diagnose and treat patients, and those actively responding to this health crisis. PLEASE stay safe and
healthy; we all hope and pray the worst does not come to pass. Please reach out (call or email) to John
Phillips (; 312-296-2796), Account Executive or me, your Account Manager
for help.