Check Payment Processing Provider

RT Lawrence Corporation is a TOTAL payment processing system provider. Our flagship product, RTLFiRST, is a premier payment processing solution company utilized by government agencies, non-profits, insurance, utility agencies and more throughout the US and Canada.

Lockbox Processing

A premier payment processing service based out of Southern California. Experienced in handling standard check payments, wholesale payments, electronic check payments, and more. Our services included Disaster Recovery Services and Remote Verification services for agencies and organizations throughout the US.

Data Analytics

Introducing IDA, the newest product to add to our solution offering. IDA is Intuitive Data Analytics, we are the exclusive distributor of this interactive Business Intelligence Platform. She simplifies how you access your information; allows you to ask any question about the past, present and future and she will provide you with a visualization immediately.

We are expanding. We keep growing!

RTL is excited to announce that we are expanding our product line and including a new Data Analytics platform.  We are committed to providing cutting edge technology. We’re growing & we’re not going anywhere!

Our Solutions

Remittance Processing

Lockbox Service

Data Analytics

Our payment processing system accelerates the handling of:

Check Payments (Business/Personal)

Electronic Checks

List Payments

Wholesale Payments

Check Only Payments

Scalable In-House Payment

Scalable In-House Payment Processing solutions for any industry, compatible with a variety of check scanners manufacturers from Opex, Canon, NCR, and Burroughs.

Payment Optimization

Solutions that optimize your payment processing solution and process to optimize payment handling, reduce collection float, etc. such as Check 21 and ACH E-Deposits.

Transfer Payment Validation

A service that allows companies to transfer payment validation or document data entry while maintaining visibility and control over your information.

Standard Process Payment

The processing service that has the ability to process standard and exception payments with ease, incorporating processing policies and rules unique to each client.

Payment Handling

A contingency solution for agencies that require continuous payment handling or require a backup payment processing plan should their payment processing operation cease.

Support Team

Our support team is staffed with certified engineers who are assigned to dedicated client partners to ensure environment unique support and issue resolution.

Our Partners